Inventory software for the
New Makers

Built for small to medium size brands and manufacturers to ensure accurate inventory, develop products, manage purchases and streamline production.

Fiddle is for growing brands and modern manufacturers that need cost effective easy-to-use software. Fiddle helps small businesses move their spreadsheets to a software that ensures visibility, accuracy and manages high growth. Fiddle also helps business move away from old server based solutions that doesn't play well with other tools.

When you choose Fiddle you can easily on-board users, import lists and begin tracking in a short time with no upfront costs. Fiddle is a company that strives to continuously build innovative tools for the New Makers in order to correct inventory mistakes and production errors. Join hundreds of others by signing up for Fiddle today.

Fiddle Vision

The Vision

Times have changed. The barriers of entry to build products have dropped significantly. Getting a product to market is easier than ever but also more competitive than ever. Brands and manufacturers have to be nimble and be able to produce new products often. The founders of Fiddle have stood where you stand trying to make it all work in spreadsheets and witnessed the stress and headaches first hand in previous ventures.

Luckily they have spent the last 2 years developing software to help resolve the pains for you, the New Maker. You do not have to struggle managing your inventory in spreadsheets any longer. You do not have to use old clunky software that slows down your production. You now can do it all in Fiddle and start generating more revenue by tracking inventory properly and streamling the production process.